Commitments to deliver bold, measurable and impactful actions.

Promoting and protecting ocean health are at the heart of Our Ocean. To date, there have been over a thousand commitments from governments, civil society and businesses in over 70 countries.

Our Ocean 2020 will continue to encourage partnerships and commitments and report on the progress and successes of commitments from previous years.

Commitments can be submitted up until Sunday, 6 December 2020. However, the Secretariat will prepare the provisional Conference agenda, and begin to issue invitations to participate based on commitments accepted up until 15 October 2020. Any updates to the timing or format of the Conference in view of the COVID19 pandemic will be posted on the website.
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Tracking Progress at Our Ocean Conferences

An essential part of the Our Ocean Conferences is tracking and updating the progress of past commitments made, and to share lessons learned from past successes and progress made. The OOC Map Viewer below provides a way of searching previously-made commitments. 

A number of third-party analyses on the impact of previous commitments have also been carried out, such as: 

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